MesoCoat Receives Access to Mattson’s Vortek Arc Lamp System

Abakan and Mattson Technology have declared that MesoCoat, a subsidiary of Abakan, has signed an Exclusive Supply Agreement with Mattson.

The multi-year agreement will enable MesoCoat to access Mattson’s Vortek arc lamp system, which produces a focused light of high intensity. MesoCoat will utilize the ultra-high-intensity lamps to develop its nanocomposite cladding solutions for the $3.8 billion worth global metal cladding segment.

Abakan’s Chief Executive Officer, Robert Miller stated that the arc lamps from Mattson Technology will be used to combine their coating and cladding materials to steel pipe or other offerings, delivering a robust product for industries that utilize steel in tough environments. He added that the agreement will help them to quickly extend their business and launch innovative technology at the earliest with minimum technical difficulties.

As per the agreement, an increasing number of Vortex arc lamps will be procured by MesoCoat annually. The total purchase value is expected to surpass tens of millions of dollars before the completion of the agreement term, with an exclusivity fee of $2 million. The agreement also assures support and delivery agendas to MesoCoat for the Vortex arc lamps.

According to David Dutton, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mattson Technology, the new coating solution has enabled a significant shift offering superior quality, speed and profit to major markets. He mentioned that the Vortek arc lamp is one among the most efficient light sources in the world that could offer improved performances in several thermal processing applications in the clean energy segment.

The integration of Mattson’s Vortex arc lamp with the CermaClad method of MesoCoat will enable uninterrupted coating and cladding of wear and abrasion-resilient materials of layer width between 20 and 30 cm, in contrast to widths of around 0.5 cm for lasers utilized in weld or laser cladding methods. The superior-speed cladding method is around 100 times quicker than present methods, enabling improved metallurgical characteristics even at lesser coating thicknesses. The new technology equalizes the cladding method with the line speed of steel mills, thereby minimizing lead times by 75%-80%. MesoCoat has predicted that the new technology will help the cladding segment to reach over $7 billion in another three years.


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