Army Research Lab Completes Testing of Kryon Armor

Bourque Industries Inc. (OTC:BORK) today announced it had completed testing of its Kryron armor at the Army Research Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Aberdeen, Md.

The tests demonstrated the potential of Kryron for personal protection and vehicle armor for the US military. The tests also allowed the Company to familiarize itself with future Army development priorities on a first-hand basis.

"The tests at the Army Research Lab were a major milestone for the Company," said John M. Bourque, Founder and CEO of Bourque Industries and the inventor of Kryron. "We look forward to developing next-generation armor solutions to save the lives of US war fighters."

Bourque also took the opportunity while on the East Coast to tour manufacturing facilities in Philadelphia. The Company is exploring locations for initial manufacturing plants to meet early product demand.

"The people of Philadelphia are great and were incredibly welcoming," said Bourque. "They were excited about the chance to create manufacturing jobs here in America."


The Kryron proprietary metal alloy is often stronger, lighter and has a Uniquely High electrical/Low thermal conductivity than the materials it replaces. Kryron has an obvious value in transmission wire and cables. For data transmission, its high conductivity combines with its ability to withstand current of metals 10-30 times its weight.

About Bourque and Kryron

Bourque Industries, Inc. is a publicly-traded company (OTC: BORK) based in Tucson, Ariz. Bourque is the exclusive distributor of all Kryron-based technologies.

Kryronized aluminum, or Kryron, is a state-of-the-art proprietary alloy and the optimal material for ballistic armor plates. Compared to industry-standard personal protection ceramic plates, Kryron Terminator armor is lighter, far more durable, and completely eliminates shatter, spall, and ricochet.

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