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Teijin Fibers Develops New Polyester Fabric

An innovative stain-resistant polyester fabric has been developed by Teijin Fibers. This is the world’s first material to offer oil repellency and water absorption qualities.

New stain-resistant polyester fabric

These characteristics make the polyester fabric suitable for uniforms, sportswear and stylish clothes, including slacks, cut and sewn clothing and blouses. The company will commence the sale of the stain-resistant fabric in the summer and spring 2012.

The new material offers innerwear the ability to resist oil-based stains from cosmetics, sebum and other products and eliminates stickiness by absorbing water and sweat. The company utilized fiber processing and nanotechnologies to successfully cover the fiber surface with a 100-nm coating that includes individual oil-repellent and hydrophilic layers.

As polyester is a hydrophobic material, it does not repel stains or absorb water. In current oil-repellent and water-absorbing materials, the coating is applied only on the upper surface and this leads to texture and breathability loss issues. Teijin Fibers’ innovative material provides a soft texture, as a special coating is applied on individual fiber rather than the fabric as a whole.



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