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Cargill to Invest in its Botlek and Izegem Refined Oils Facilities

Cargill is to make significant investments at its Botlek and Izegem refineries in the Netherlands and Belgium respectively to boost the production capacity of liquid and tropical oils. An increase in production capacity in Belgium and the Netherlands will be complemented by Cargill’s large tropical oil production at the refinery in Germany.

Cargill will increase the refining capacity of coconut and palm kernel oil at the Botlek facility by over 200,000 MT/yr, so meeting customer needs for an efficient supply and strengthening its key market position. In addition, Cargill will also expand the palm refining capacity at Botlek by 300,000 MT/yr to meet an increase in customer demand for quality palm oil. The Botlek facility will as a consequence increase its overall capacity to over one million MT/yr.

The company will increase the refining capacity of sunflower and corn oil at the Izegem facility by 75,000 MT/yr to enhance the company’s ability to meet customers’ more specialised requirements. This expansion is due to be completed in the third quarter of 2006.

Jos de Loor, Head of Cargill’s refined oils business in Europe said; “It is a priority for us to continue providing our uniquely broad range of tropical and liquid oil products together with the high level of service our customers require. Our investment plans will allow us to meet our growing customer needs by further enhancing our base product portfolio which will be a platform to further develop our value added business. Customer service levels will not be affected during work at our facilities.”

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