Unipro Uses Nansulate Coatings to Insulate Equipment at its Turkey Facility

Kolorgen, a distributor of Industrial Nanotech’s nanoscience energy saving solutions in Turkey, has successfully completed the sustainability insulation project with Unipro, Unilever affiliate.

Unipro utilized Nansulate EPX water-based epoxy coating and Nansulate high heat corrosion control coating to insulate equipment at its facility in Corlu Tekirdag, Turkey.

The project included insulation of the steam process equipment, valves and steam lines using Industrial Nanotech’s patented Nansulate coatings. With the use of Nansulate, surface temperature of steam lines reduced from 160°C to 80°C. The project also includes coating of storage tanks and cold liquid lines.

Kolorgen’s President, Vedat Bilgin, stated that he has realized the worth of Nansulate insulation that helps to achieve energy saving benefit in the thinnest and durable form of coating. Large plants have steam and cold pipelines for several kilometers and it is difficult for the plant crews to have access to the pipes and insulation that requires continuous change. Nansulate makes this job easier.

Industrial Nanotech seeks to assist Unilever to achieve energy saving and sustainability objectives and also provides other benefits, including reduction of maintenance costs, delivery of a solution with long lifetime and enhancement of worker safety.

Source: http://www.industrial-nanotech.com/

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