PANalytical Announces the Opening of its New Regional Application Laboratory in Shanghai, China

PANalytical, the world’s leading supplier of analytical instrumentation and software for X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF), today announced the opening of its new Regional Application Laboratory, located in Shanghai, China.

Mr. Anant Bhide, General Manager PANalytical Asia Pacific said, "With great pride, we can state our growth in China outstrips the national, regional and industrial averages. This growth has been fuelled by several factors. The first of which is the growth in China’s local industry and research. The second is China’s increasing status as one of the world’s largest exporters. With the tightening and standardization of rules and regulations governing international trade, Chinese manufacturers and suppliers have found an increasing need to conform to these. Global developments also make it imperative to further strengthen research and development and industrial process control."

"The Asia Pacific region, and especially China, is one of PANalytical’s most important markets", comments Guido Eggermont, Commercial Director, PANalytical B.V. "As you’d expect of this expanding new economy, PANalytical’s team in China is young, dynamic, and growing rapidly. It has achieved considerable success in sectors such as cement, iron and steel, geology and research – and it is supported by a wealth of experienced advisors, specialists and academic professionals. Needless to say, our Chinese team is always looking for opportunities to reach more customers both geographically and in terms of penetrating new sectors. The opening of the application laboratory now, is the logical step to greatly enhance the accessibility of PANalytical’s extensive expertise to Chinese customers and the level at which we can serve them."

One purpose of the PANalytical lab is to provide existing and prospective customers, with an assessment of the analytical requirements for individual samples, or of the quality control in their processes. In this way, users can test the technology before they buy, and gain an understanding of each of the solutions PANalytical offers. As PANalytical prides itself on systems and software that are not only best in class, but also very user-friendly, live demonstrations of these systems will prove this point.

Another task of the Application Laboratory is, that the company experts help develop analytical methods and solutions based on customer requirements. This will enhance the quality and standards that the laboratories achieve. The team will add value, providing customized solutions and joint development programmes on methods, standards and analyses.

Furthermore, all of the PANalytical labs are networked to share information and best practices. With this 'global village', development is accelerated, and most findings have immediate applicability, the world over. Equally important, the application laboratory will collaborate with non-PANalytical and customer labs locally in order to meet the precise needs of customers. Working within these labs are numerous experts dedicated to extending the possibilities of X-ray analysis and making it ever more useful to industry.

And lastly, the new Application Laboratory, with its comprehensive equipment will support customers with courses and training facilities.

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