Wisconsin Oven Designs Adhesive Resin Curing Oven

Wisconsin Oven, one of America's major OEM suppliers of industrial ovens, has designed a steam heated walk-in batch oven for curing water-based adhesive resin over abrasives.

Steam Heated Walk-In Batch Oven

The oven has the capacity to process 35,000 lbs of material at a temperature of +/-5° F at 240° F.

The new industrial batch oven has the highest operating temperature of 300º F. It includes a chamber with dimensions 17’6” wide x 21’4” long x 7’6” high. The oven is manufactured with panel assemblies that offer 25% improved insulating efficiency compared to standard panels.

Other features of the batch oven include heating systems, recirculation system and steam humidification systems. The heating system comprises two row steam coils that are rated at 2,000,000 BTU per hour at 120 PSIG steam. The recirculation system includes a 25,000 CFM plug fixed blower equipped with a motor of 25 HP capacity. The steam humidification system is used to inject humidity into the heating chamber.

Wisconsin Oven’s new resin curing product is mounted with two suction fans to reverse the hot air into the heater house and the fans are rated at 6,680 CFM. Interior lighting is also provided with five metal halide lamps. The oven is controlled by Allen-Bradley’s ControlLogix 1756 PLC and it has secured UL certification and NEMA 12 control enclosure labelling.

Source: http://www.wisoven.com/


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