New SilForce Odor-Free Technology from Momentive Performance Materials

Momentive Performance Materials, a global leader in silicones and advanced materials, has introduced a new UV curable release coating technology for odor sensitive applications.

The company will display the new SilForce product line that includes SilForce UV9880C photoinitiator and SilForce UV9815 and SilForce UV9800 silicone release polymers at Labelexpo Europe 2011 to be held from September 28 to October 1, 2011 in Brussels, Belgium.

SilForce products are ideal for applications, where odor-free performance is required such as tapes on disposable diapers and other personal care products. In addition, the products may offer energy cost savings as they require low temperature curing process.

SilForce UV9880C is an odor-free catalyst that can be used with SilForce low-odor UV curable polymers. The catalyst does not contain organic solvents. Performance features of SilForce UV9880C photoinitiator include cationic type photocure, high reactivity, fast photocure in ambient atmosphere, compatibility with medium pressure mercury vapor UV lamps and low temperature cure required for thermally sensitive film and paper substrates.

SilForce UV9815 and SilForce UV9800 polymers can be used with SilForce UV9880C photoinitiator for application in odor-free release coatings. Benefits offered by these silicone release polymers include longer catalyzed bath life when stored in the dark and cool conditions, steady release from several adhesives and highly crosslinked coatings with least silicone transfer.


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