Sport Revolutionized with Carbon Nanotube Technology

Easton Sports, the leading manufacturer of sporting goods equipment, today unveiled a new material technology that will forever change the sport of baseball. After years of research and development Easton has teamed up with Zyvex to introduce CNT: carbon nanotube technology, an advancement that will revolutionize composite design and elevate the performance of players around the globe, according to Mike Zlaket, vice president of baseball/softball for Easton Sports.

"Already at the forefront of innovation, our engineers have pushed Easton's research and development to the next level with carbon nanotube technology," said Zlaket. "Easton CNT is the real deal as we've been able to harness the true benefits of nanotechnology to give hitters of all ages and abilities stronger, lighter and better-performing bats. The Easton Stealth CNT will be the first bat to feature this unmatched technology."

The addition of CNT, made possible by Zyvex NanoSolve(TM) materials and exclusive to Easton, strengthens composite structures to provide improved handle designs with optimized flex, responsiveness, and more "kick" through the hitting zone for maximum performance within the legal limits of the game.

From handle to ConneXion(TM) to barrel, Easton's all new Stealth CNT doesn't just perform, it outperforms. The weakest areas in a traditional carbon fiber bat are the tiny spaces between the fibers that contain only resin. To improve the strength of these areas, CNT -- sixteen times stronger than steel and possibly the strongest fiber that will ever be made -- is dispersed throughout the resin making it tougher and stronger.

The Stealth CNT also features the company's new patent-pending Sc900(TM) scandium alloy. Sc900(TM) raises the bar yet again in terms of high-strength aluminum alloy development. It provides the strongest, highest-performing barrels in baseball and softball: 10% tougher and stronger than Sc888(TM). The bat also includes the patented ConneXion(TM) technology which acts like a hinge to provide the most efficient energy transfer from handle to barrel. This quick and complete energy transfer produces maximum bat head whip for a quicker bat with more power through the hitting zone.

"Easton is known for its innovation, originality and ingenuity," said Thomas A. Cellucci, PhD, MBA, and president of Zyvex Corporation, which provided its NanoSolve(TM) materials for the bat. "They continue to raise the bar by offering innovative products based on the most advanced composite materials, and we are pleased to be a part of their product development."

The Stealth(TM) CNT is available in two different color schemes that feature a black barrel fading into a either a green braided handle or a gold braided handle. The handle color corresponds to the amount of flex and both graphic packages highlight CNT on the barrel. The Stealth CNT(TM) will be available in May 2005. and

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