BASF UV Absorber Sets New Benchmark for Thermoplastics

Tinuvin 1600 is a novel UV absorber which provides extremely long-lasting UV protection to high-performance thermoplastics. It exhibits an outstanding UV absorption capacity resulting in minimal loss of optical properties for stringent weathering requirements. Very low volatility allows excellent processing characteristics.

Tinuvin 1600 sets a new industry benchmark in ultra-high durability which cannot be achieved with current UV technologies.

Milestone in UV absorber technology

Tinuvin 1600 joins the product line of BASF UV absorbers and represents a major milestone in UV absorber technology. It has been specifically developed for the long-lasting protection of thin layer applications for exterior uses, allowing plastic sheets, films and fibers to retain their mechanical properties, color and transparency for extended periods of time. Tinuvin 1600 belongs to the class of triazines and exhibits very low volatility, excellent thermal stability and good substrate compatibility in a variety of polymeric resins, which allows very easy processing. It imparts far superior durability that traditional UV absorbers of other chromophore classes cannot achieve. Tinuvin 1600 is the solution for the most demanding thin-section applications in terms of exposure to UV light and at the same time can improve productivity.

For outdoor applications with a life expectancy up to 20 years

Tinuvin 1600 helps to extend the durability and life expectancy of products under intense exposure to UV light. Its extremely high-performance and light-stable UV-filter lends itself particularly well to long-term outdoor use for up to 20 years.

Tinuvin 1600 is recommended for: monolithic and multi-wall PC sheets for ultra-high-durability architectural and automotive glazing applications; biaxially oriented PET films for photovoltaics, window films, displays, protective films and other long-term applications; PMMA laminations for very durable specialty applications like window profiles, photovoltaics and demanding construction applications; PET and PA fibers; SAN, ASA high-performance plastics applications, e.g. in building and construction and automotive applications; o ther extruded or blown thin-film applications requiring extended UV protection.


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