PPG Displays Materials and Coatings for Wind Turbine Applications at China Wind Power

PPG Industries (NYSE:PPG), a leading global manufacturer of coatings and fiber glass for the wind energy industry, showcased its products in Booth EC07 during the China Wind Power 2011 conference and exhibition, Oct. 19-21 at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing.

"PPG has supplied fiber glass products such as HYBON(R) rovings to the global wind industry for more than a decade," said Tom Kerr, PPG vice president, fiber glass. "We work with customers to ensure our products meet not only their product and process requirements, but also the demands of the industry now and in the future."

At the show, PPG featured HYBON 2026 and HYBON 2002 direct-draw rovings for use in wind turbine blades:

  • HYBON 2026 fiber glass is a continuous filament, single-end roving for wind blades, with excellent performance minimizing dry spots and rework in wind blade fabrication. With its high-fatigue performance, it is the best PPG option for high-performance requirements.
  • HYBON 2002 fiber glass roving is fully compatible with polyester, epoxy and vinyl ester resin systems and offers good processing characteristics, along with consistent wet-out and wet-through and good abrasion resistance.

PPG also offered blade and tower coatings to protect critical wind energy assets. These products include AUE-50000 wind turbine blade polyurethane topcoat and protective coatings SIGMAFAST(TM) 278 primer, SIGMADUR(TM) 568 topcoat and SIGMASHIELD(TM) 880 coating:

  • AUE-50000 wind turbine blade polyurethane topcoat is highly erosion- and weather-resistant. When used with HSP-7401 wind turbine blade polyurethane primer, AUE-50000 topcoat can help reduce coating thickness for enhanced turbine energy output.
  • SigmaFast 278protective primer strikes a balance between wettability and quick drying for use on steel surfaces. It can be applied to the exterior and interior of wind towers, exterior turbine generator and gearbox, and other steel surfaces, and it has a high-solids, low-VOC (volatile organic compound) formulation.
  • SigmaDur 568 acrylic polyurethane topcoat meets strict VOC regulations and can help simplify the coating process for wind towers and other steel structures and equipment. It forms a heavy-duty protection system along with epoxy coatings, or it can be applied directly to treat steel surfaces in a low-corrosion environment without requiring an anti-rust primer.
  • SigmaShield 880 coating is two-component high-build polyamine adduct cured epoxy coating for use in offshore splash zone maintenance of wind turbines. After application, it continues to cure when immersed in water. With excellent sea water and corrosion resistance, this coating offers long-term protection in a single-coat application.

"We are committed to strengthening PPG's global leadership in the wind industry and supporting the demands of the market," Kerr said. "We continue to create innovative new products that address industry needs, enabling the market to grow."

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