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Ioxus Unveils 3,000-F Ultracapacitor Line

Ioxus, a company specializing in high-performance ultracapacitor technology, has introduced its 3,000-F ultracapacitor called iCAP. It is the first size in a new portfolio of cell products.

According to Ioxus, iCAP line of ultracapacitors has lowest weight, highest power density and lowest equivalent series resistance (ESR) when compared to existing energy storage cells offered in the market. The new line offers unprecedented flexibility and durability to a broad array of applications, including renewable energy systems, power conditioning, ride-through, uninterruptible power supply and backup power, regenerative energy capture, grid power storage and transportation drive. In all these applications, the 3,000-F ultracapacitors offer longer life and heavier duty cycles thanks to minimal temperature increase.

The new ultracapacitor line is suitable for prototype-to-production support, enabling bus bar connections having minimal ESR with the largest possible contact areas. The off-axis double holes help assembling the cell without causing damage, thus improving the durability of the cell even for the toughest applications.

Ioxus’ iCAP ultracapacitor features double female threaded terminals with largest diameters. These terminals are weldable. The cell has a single terminal design to facilitate welded or bolted connection. It is designed for applications involving high vibration and shock such as rail and heavy equipment. It provides a working voltage of 2.7 V.

According to Ioxus’ Chief Executive Officer, Mark McGough, the significance of 3,000-F ultracapacitors rises as the company’s customers in energy, automotive and other fields want to offer high-performance, high-efficient products.

Gabriel Tse of GT Advanced Energy Technology (Shanghai), a distributor of Ioxus ultracapacitors, stated that Ioxus ultracapacitors offer affordable energy storage solutions to its customers for various renewable energy applications. Tse added that the easy-to-integrate iCAP line provides unprecedented energy density.



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