Nanotechnology Powers Next Alternative’s Emulsion-Fuel

Next Alternative’s Chief Executive Officer, Robert Ireland has announced that the company’s emulsion-fuel or NAI-Fuel is one of the most powerful formulas, thanks to the utilization of carbon nanotubes.

Next Alternative’s NAI-Fuel comprises 60% petroleum and 40% water. It also contains trace amounts of nanotechnology-enabled stabilizing agent to enhance the fuel power.

The introduction of carbon nanotubes into the emulsion-fuel mixture allows the dispersion of standardized nano-sized water particles confined inside a drop of oil. The use of this emulsion-fuel mixture in a combustion engine forms a water vapor explosion that disperses fuel particles into a super heated steam to create a gas and water reaction.

This reaction occurs uniformly and instantaneously, resulting in a more-efficient combustion, less fuel consumption and reduced output of emissions. Next Alternative is a pioneering company leading the path in the global effort of developing alternative energy sources. The company is developing novel techniques to offer environmentally friendly solutions, as it understands the necessity to decrease the demand for fossil fuels. The company puts its efforts to develop products using advanced green technologies in order to fulfill the demands of modern economy.

Ireland informed that Next Alternative is one among the few companies using nanotechnology for its emulsion-fuel process, which makes its NAI-Fuel as one of the most efficient and powerful formulas available. The company is happy to advance this important alternative energy source to next levels, developing even more advantages than previously thought.


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