Rigaku’s New Method to Analyze Thin Metallic Films on Silicon Wafers

Applied Rigaku Technologies, a leader in the analytical and industrial instrumentation technology, has introduced a new method for testing the thin metallic films present on silicon wafers.

Rigaku NEX CG Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

The company’s experimental measurements are shown for AlSi, AlCu, platinum, titanium, titanium nitride, silicon dioxide and BPSG single layer films present on the silicon monitor wafers in order to control the quality in the semiconductor industry.

The manufacturing of circuit device, with the incorporation of semiconductor, has involved the sequential uses of several material layers for completing the assembly. The process control method in manufacturing is critical. Composition metrics and film width are significant to make the performance of the device proper, with little margin for error during the semiconductor material processing. The product may degrade or fail, if any error occurs during its construction. Adverse effects may also occur during the future processing.

All single layer films were utilized as an adhesion layer and were applied on silicon wafers with 1000 Å of SiO2. The company developed a sequence of six various calibrations for the widths of the AlCu, AlSi, Pt, TiN, and Ti films in order to show the NEX CG performance. The composition of BPSG was identified by calculating P.

Source: http://www.rigaku.com/

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