DSM Launches URelle Urethane Floor Coating Systems

DSM offers facility owners, with floor coatings that can satisfy tough performance standards and increasing sustainability targets. The company has added URelle urethane systems to its portfolio of high-performance products, having increased focus on innovative solutions for the industrial floor coatings market.

DSM's New Floor Coating Solutions

URelle-Crete is the first product of the new family and is a urethane cement system having three components that have been specifically designed to withstand extreme thermal shock, physical impact and chemical exposure. This new product is suitable for facilities like food and beverages, and pharmaceuticals. URelle-Crete saves the concrete from heavy traffic and mechanical abuse. This product is durable in extreme conditions, for example the thermal shock that occurs during hot water discharge. Hence it is ideal for high temperature cleaning and wet processing.

URelle-Crete achieves the present standards of USDA or FDA and offers excellent resistance to chemicals. This floor coating system is available in many colors and is delivered in numerous grades with different widths and textures.

This new URelle product follows the previous introduction of UVolve instant floor coatings in 2009, which is a highly sustainable and UV-curable technology-based product..UVolve coatings contain 100% solid materials with very low emissions of volatile organic compound (VOC) and less odor, and are free from solvent. It offers long-lasting floor finish, when installed and can be cleaned easily. These UVolve floor coatings can be utilized in various industries, which include food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Source: http://www.dsm.com/

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