Analysis on Worldwide Demand for Kaolin

It is estimated that there will be an increased demand for kaolin in the coming years and will grow 3.7% annually to 28.4 mmt by 2015. The demand is valued at approximately $4.0 billion.

Due to strong global economic climate conditions and its rapid growth, the demand for kaolin has increased. It is expected that the declines found between the period 2005 and 2010 can be recovered through the remand of Kaolin in developed economies. World Kaolin, which is The Freedonia Group’s new study, discusses these latest trends.

Currently, China being the main consumer of Kaolin in the world will benefit significantly, as the growth increases to 37% in global demand for kaolin between 2010 and 2015. China has the knowledge to increase the manufacturing to a large-scale and can go beyond the United States to become the largest producer of kaolin in the world market by 2015. Additionally, India will look for a considerable growth in the kaolin demand. The increased demand for Kaolin in India will correspond to the accelerating pace of the period from 2005 to 2010, as there is a rapid growth in the paper industry. Weak Kaolin growth will be found in developed countries such as Japan, the US and other nations in Western Europe, though these nations will post recoveries when compared to the performance between 2005-2010.

All industries that use kaolin are expecting an increased demand from 2010 to 2015. The declines previously experienced in the paper market will be recovered. Moreover, calcium carbonate has become the competitive material for Kaolin and hence there was a significant impact in the market share of kaolin in paper production materials.

Kaolin is also used in the production of ceramics, including tile, tableware and sanitary ware. Kaolin’s rapid growing market is ceramics from 2005 to 2010, and is likely to grow by 5.3% annually through 2015.



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