Elsevier Announces Name Change for European Conference of Diamond and Related Materials

A publishing company, Elsevier announced that the European Conference of Diamond and Related Materials has been renamed as the International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials (ICDCM).

The name change signifies the worldwide diversity of the program. The conference committee is composed of global researchers, and the attendees of the program include a wide group of people from universities and industries. The ICDCM conference is organized in partnership with Diamond and Related Materials journal of Elsevier.

The new name also represents that the scope of the forum will extend beyond diamond materials. At present, the conference will focus on new proposals and technologies in diamond and carbon materials. Allyn Molina, a publisher of Elsevier’s Diamond and Related Materials, stated that the conference will now become a discussion place for scientists from different fields working to enhance high performance carbon and diamond materials.

The ICDCM program accepts abstracts on the following topics: graphite, amorphous carbon, diamond-like-carbon, fullerenes, carbon nano-tubes, graphene, grapheme and organic conductors. The accepted abstracts will be published by Elsevier in its “Diamond and Related Materials” journal. The ICDCM 2012 will take place in Granada, Spain from September 2 to 6.

Source: http://www.elsevier.com/

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