Enerize Displays Solid State Lithium Battery Technology at 2012 Energy Innovation Summit

At the 2012 ARPA-E summit, Enerize, an emerging technology company, has showcased enhanced, flexible, low-cost, solid state lithium battery and nano structured transparent solar polymer technology.

The company has developed next generation lithium and Li-ion battery cell technology, components and materials. Enerize is looking for ideal partners to commercialize its flexible, solid state, high performance batteries.

The solid state battery, along with high efficiency single film nano polymer encapsulated solar PV module, works at temperatures ranging up to 150° C. Single film nano structured polymer encapsulation improves the solar PV modules’ conversion efficiency when compared to multiple polymer film or glass encapsulation processes. In addition, the technology decreases the operating, materials and equipment costs.

The solid state lithium battery technologies from Enerize are composed of solid high conductive electrolyte, silicon-graphite-based anode with higher energy and high density cathode. Enerize employs proprietary, low-cost cell and electrode manufacturing equipment and the battery cells are produced at 80° C. This enables the use of metal foils and polymers as flexible substrates.

Enerize’s Li-ion batteries are made of high energy modified graphite and embedded silicon anodes and anode materials; stabilized electrolytes; and high capacity, low cost Manganese spinel materials and cathodes. The Manganese spinel materials have nearly two times higher density and conductivity than currently available commercial lithium cobalt dioxide (LiCoO2) materials and cathodes.

Enerize’s nano structured polymer technology provides single film encapsulation for flexible displays, OLEDs, solar cells and solar modules. The company evaluates business opportunities to license or sell this technology.

Source: http://www.enerize.com/

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