Alcoa Applauds Major Milestone of Boeing 777 Aircraft Program

Alcoa, a producer of primary and fabricated aluminum, has praised the Boeing employees on the manufacturing of the 1000th 777 aircraft. This is a major milestone in the commercial aviation sector and Alcoa has played an important role in the Boeing 777 program.

Alcoa supplies aerospace solutions, which will help to enhance fuel efficiency and minimize operation and maintenance costs.

Olivier Jarrault, Alcoa Engineered Products and Solutions’ Group President and head of aerospace market team, stated the company looks forward to continue offering high-quality solutions, as there is a backlog of approximately 400 airplanes and also many new orders are expected to come for the successful Boeing program. Jarrault also added that the company will continue to work with Boeing for developing existing and new variants in the program.

A Boeing 777 plane uses about three million parts delivered by 500 suppliers across the world. Alcoa supplies a wide range of aerospace materials ranging from nose to tail and from wing tip to wing tip. It supplies forgings that are used in structural wing box components and wheel components. In addition, over 280,000 lbs of aluminum plates and sheets are supplied for use in wing structures and critical fuselage. Other products delivered for the 777 production are high pressure turbine airfoils, titanium structural components, thermal barrier coatings for engines and airframes; extrusions employed in keel beam, seat tracks, spar caps and wing and fuselage stringers; and approximately one million fasteners to hold key elements of the plane together.

Alcoa supplies components to the Boeing 777 program from several locations, including Hampton, Virginia; Wichita Falls, Texas; Morristown, Tennessee; Cleveland, Ohio; Davenport, Iowa; and Torrance, California.


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