SPECTRO Unveils New Mobile Metal Analyzers

SPECTRO, a supplier of analytical instruments for optical emission and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, has launched the next generation of SPECTROTEST mobile metal analyzers. The latest generation metal analyzers feature a new UV probe, a high efficient plasma generator and an Intelligent Calibration Logic (ICAL) system.

SPECTROTEST mobile metal analyzer

The SPECTROTEST device provides an ergonomic design, consumer friendly operation and an exceptional analytical performance. The device is most ideal for identifying low-alloy steels with the carbon content in the fast arc excitation mode. In the spark excitation mode, the instrument can be used to analyze sulfur, phosphorous and carbon as well as to identify duplex steels with the nitrogen content.

Engineers from SPECTRO have designed a new UV probe for special measurement uses. The probe does not require changing and it is ideal for both arc excitation and spark excitation operations. The logic system examines the right state of the measuring device from external influences. The plasma generator used in the enhanced metal analyzer needs less energy, which enables users to carry out hundreds of measurements by using only a single battery charge.

In addition, the company’s engineers have reduced half the weight of the metal analyzer by using a strong and lightweight transport trolley. The enhanced metal analyzer also includes a large 15 in. display, which helps to read the measurements easily even from longer distances. The device is integrated with new instrument software that enables even untrained users to learn easily and quickly.

Marcus Freit, Product Manager of SPECTRO, remarked that SPECTROTEST is the perfect choice when accurate analyses are needed, when there is difficulty in identifying materials or when there are several samples to be measured.


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