Report by Global Industry Analysts on Future Global Polyols Market

GIA has declared the release of a global report on Polyols markets. Backed by the emerging consumer demands and increasing concentration on nutritional and health advantages of foods, the global market for Polyols will reach €4.33 B by 2017.

The regions of Asia-Pacific, US, and Europe will be the major polyol consumption markets. The importance of calorie content in food and other nutritional specificity have stimulated the food manufacturers to concentrate on the varying trends and develop alternatives accordingly for bakery products, snacks, confectionery and beverages.

The applications of polyols have increased with modifications such as substitution of commercial sugar with polyols and fat replacement. Having less sugar calories and sweet taste, polyols are ideal for low fat and calorie, sugar free products. The general applications of Polyols include non-carcinogenic material in pharmaceutical solutions, toothpaste and mouthwashes, plastic production and as intermediates in chemical manufacturing. Industrial benefits of polyols include natural oil-based polyols (NOP), polyether polyols (PETP) polyurethane, polyester polyols (PESP) renewable polyols, sourced from soybeans, rapeseed, and sunflower.

Factors affecting polyol market include high prices, need for fully-equipped facilities for production of polyol for food and pharma applications, changes in capital and raw material costs. However, polyols industry emerged from the business concerned with traditional cereal and starch or sugar processing. Compared to standard grain derivatives, the demand for polyols is more.

According to a new market research report on Polyols, the developed US and European markets represent the largest global consumers of polyols, while developing markets such as China and Asia-Pacific market are expected to reach CAGR of about 3.8%. Polyols also have wide applications in adhesives and sealants, paints and coatings, microcellular elastomers and more.


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