Kobe Steel Inks Technical Transfer Agreement with Swedish Sapa

Kobe Steel has inked a technical transfer contract with Swedish Sapa. According to the agreement, the production technology will be provided to Sapa for aluminium extrusions. These extrusions will be used in 50 extrusion plants of Sapa in Asia, Europe and North America.

Both Kobe and Sapa have excellent expertise in aluminium extrusions. Kobe Steel technology combined with global and foot-print technology of Sapa will offer customers with greater value in office equipment, automotive and mass transportation. The complete range of processes include melting and casting to extrusion, which include aluminum alloys from Kobe. These alloys are highly used in the market. Kobe Steel’s technology will be possibly used by Sapa at its more than 50 plants across the world.

Currently, Kobe Steel has manufactured aluminium extrusions at its Yamaguchi Prefecture in West Japan and Chofu Works in Shimonoseki. Aluminium tubes for organic photo conductor (OPC), drums for printers, bumper material for automobiles and other value-added products are included in these main products. In recent years, most of the industries have been moving their operations abroad. Hence, building a network has become a burning issue and can provide industries with the similar quality products.

Kobe can potentially meet the users’ worldwide procurement necessities, by supplying the production technology of Sapa for the aluminium extrusions that were developed in Japan. Sapa will make complicated high-end products, through Kobe Steel’s production technology transfer, covering melting, casting and extrusion.

Sapa will deliver Kobe Steel’s high-end aluminium extrusions by means of Spa’s complete plant network. This supply will enable the present users of Kobe Steel to receive the same quality products as in Japan. Sapa’s oversees sites will provide Kobe Steel with the semi-furnished materials to be used in the fabricated products. These materials are processed and delivered to the overseas users.

Based on the technology transfer contract, Kobe Steel can potentially speed up the growth of the aluminium extrusion business across the globe and meet the customers’ different requirements for global procurement.

Source: http://www.kobelco.co.jp/


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