Carbures Joint Ventures to Form Harbin Hafei Airbus Composite Manufacturing Centre

Carbures, a manufacturer of carbon fiber composite structures, has entered into a joint venture with Guanglian Aeronautic Composite Materials Process & Equipment, which is a manufacturer and supplier of carbon fiber parts used in the aviation industry.

A new company, Harbin Carbures Guanglian Composite Aeronautic, will be established and will favorably impact the growth of Carbures in South Carolina. This joint venture results in the creation of 50 new jobs for designers and engineers working at the company’s Greenville facility.

Ivan Contreras, Chief Executive Officer of Carbures USA stated that this new manufacturing centre drives the supply chain growth of local aeronautics by means of the joint venture formed between Guanglian Aeronautic and Carbures. This new joint venture has raised the position of Carbures as a Tier 2 provider in the Asian market, expecting to make 30% of the worldwide market for aviation in the subsequent 20 years. He explained that Carbures is working with Guanglian Aeronautic and can speed up the manufacturing of carbon fiber components for Airbus in the next 10 years. Carbures will become the globe’s only Tier 2 provider, through this investment, and is present in the main aviation markets of China, Europe and the US.

Carbures will be able to attain a strong supplier position and be a Tier 1 provider for aviation companies, by entering into the Chinese market. The company will be benefited through aviation work and access to new markets in Asia. The new manufacturing plant in Harbin will become completely functional by 2014.


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