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American Manganese Conducts Research on Producing Lithium Ion Battery Materials

American Manganese has declared that Kemetco Research of British Columbia has been retained to conduct research during an advanced lithium manganese dioxide production.

Chemical and electrolytic methods are employed in producing manganese dioxide. A new material is formed, when lithium is added to manganese dioxide, and is used in modern rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Several high-growth applications, such as complete or hybrid electric vehicles, utilize these improved lithium ion batteries. It is challenging to manufacture the material, which does not contain any possible impurities.

Kemetco’s hydrometallurgical method offers an opportunity to produce highly purified manganese dioxide for using in lithium ion batteries, while the major product of the company is electrolytic manganese metal (EMM). Traditional steps such as roasting and grinding of the resources are avoided in this Kemetco process. These steps can introduce potential impurities to the material used in lithium ion batteries.

The company will get secondary revenue through this successful research. This material production will include the Kemetco’s hydrometallurgical method.

American Manganese will commence this project by March 9, 2012. The focus of the project will be on the high-purity electrolytic manganese dioxide (EMD) and chemical manganese dioxide (CMD) production, for the initial three months, from the company’s Artillery Peak resource. From 3 to 6 months, a research will be conducted on the lithium-added materials. The company will focus on manufacturing the test batteries and optimizing the end products, from the months 6 to 12.


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