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Witt Lining’s New Polyurethane Material for Flexible Corrosion Resistant Liners

Witt Lining Systems has announced the launch of a new polyurethane material, WITT TPU. This material will be included in the company’s product line of material choices for flexible liners.

TPU Tank Liner

Andrew Hotchkies, Witt Lining’s President stated that the company has formulated these materials and the results are positive, offering excellent resistance to corrosion and also service life in applications.

This new WITT TPU polyurethane membrane liner is flexible and is initially designed for containment of fatty acids, fuel, hydrocarbons and oils. It has excellent physical properties and is very strong and resistant to puncture. WITT TPU’s cold temperature range surpasses the PVC formulations of the company. This FDA- compliant polyurethane material can be specifically made using an NSF-61 rating.

Witt Lining Systems is expecting that this product will become popular in the market during some circumstances, wherein there occurs failure in concrete coatings because of the product penetration into a concrete containment region. Hotchkies added that concrete is porous in nature, is expensive and consumes more time for preparation of this concrete for new coating, when it gets saturated with fats or oil. This material can be installed over the upper area of the concrete, irrespective of the substrate’s condition, as the flexible liners are not attached to the concrete. Hence, installation time is decreased considerably and customers’ money is saved and low maintenance is required.

Hotchkies stated that the company may possibly use its Witt TPU material in food processing plants, water treatment plants and animal food processing plants. This flexible lining technology performs very well in many places, when compared to the usual bonded coating.


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