Installation of Mechel’s New Electric Furnace at Bratsk Ferroalloy Plant

Mechel, a mining and metals company in Russia, has announced that the company installed a ferroalloy electric furnace and conducted the primary ferrosilicon smelting, as part of renovating the Bratsk Ferroalloy plant of the ferroalloys of the division.

Under the agreement signed between Sibir Electrothermal equipment plant and Bratsk Ferroalloy plant, this is the first ferroalloy electric furnace installed. The company will provide four ferroalloy electric furnaces, each having a potential of 33 MVA, in order to replace the previous furnaces, whose capacity is 25 MVA, and to manage the works of installation and commissioning.

Reconstruction of Bratsk Ferroalloy plant commenced in late 2010 will be finished in 2013. The production capacity of the plant will be increased by 30%, after commissioning the new furnaces. The consumption of power will be decreased from 10 to 13%.

The company has invested 1.9 billion rubles in this project. The plant reconstruction does not disturb its existing infrastructure, which has enabled the plant to lower the costs and save project implementation time.

Technical refurbishment of ferrosilicon production includes raw materials dosage system’s reconstruction and storage space expansion for finished products.

Gennady Ovchinnikov, CEO of Mechel stated that the new electric furnace installation has validated that the path selected for modernization of production is right and will enhance the efficiency of the Bratsk Ferroalloy plant. The plant will have the potential to reduce the electricity costs.


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