Teijin Develops New Polyester Fabrics for Work Uniforms

New polyester fabrics have been developed by Teijin Fibers for work uniforms.

New work uniforms developed using new polyester fabrics

These fabrics have improved properties, which enable the facility workers to save electrical power in work areas. The company will be supplying these new fabrics during this May. These fabrics have antistatic properties for safety improvement and are eco-friendly. Recycled polyester is used in making these cloths, which can be recycled by means of the company’s Eco Circle closed-loop recycling system.

The Fujifilm Group will make 50,000 uniforms using the new fabrics. These uniforms will be given to the workers in Japan for the next three years.

Low temperature is maintained inside the cloths with the help of summer-use fabrics that enhance the aeration. Winter-use fabrics are softer and retain heat. They maintain warmth for the wearers. Both the fabrics are more comfortable in work environments.

The new fabrics used for work uniforms meet the global safety standards set by the International Electrotechnical Commission.

Chemically recycled polyester fiber from Teijin is used to make the uniform fabrics. These fibers are formed using the Eco Circle closed-loop recycling system. Once the uniforms are no longer usable, Chikuma, a manufacturer of work and school uniforms, will collect these uniforms. These uniforms will be sent to Matsuyama plant of Teijin in Japan and will be decomposed chemically. Then, they will be converted to polyester raw material having purity as high as the polyester that is directly derived from petroleum. The raw material will be formed into high-quality polyester after processing for creating new recyclable products.

The Fujifilm Group is working to reduce the usage of power and ecological load in work areas. It is expecting to save electrical power and reduce the needs of drying and ironing, by using uniforms that are made from Teijin's new fabrics.

Source: http://www.teijin.co.jp/


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