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Buss Unveils Four-Flight Laboratory BUSS Kneader MX 30 at NPE 2012

Buss AG has unveiled its four-flight Laboratory BUSS Kneader MX 30 product at NPE 2012 exposition in Orlando, which is being held from April 2 to 5, 2012. The kneader is exhibited in BUSS stand at No: 7463 in West Hall.

"The first Buss laboratory machine to feature four-flight technology: Designed for product batches upwards of 300 g, the Laboratory BUSS Kneader MX 30, shown here with three material feed systems and a discharge screw, is suitable for the development of formulations and processes, especially for the production of cable compounds. Photo: Buss AG, Pratteln, Switzerland

The kneader has a flanged-on discharge screw that provides output rates of up to 5 to 25 kg/hr with increase in batch quantities up to 300 gm respectively and exhibits 800 rpm screw speed.

The visitors can view the performance of the kneader clearly. The barrel of the kneader is kept open to observe the function of the four-flight co-kneader, where, its oscillating and dual rotational movement and its integrated transverse and axial mixing operation can be observed together. These functions help in yielding a better quality mix.

The kneader is the first of its kind to come with four-flight technology and is specifically modeled for research and development activities and for developing and optimizing process and formulatioons for cable compounds. The kneader, like other MX product lines, is well suited for compounding shear-sensitive polymers and heat-sensitive compounds and for producing highly filled compounds.

The kneader is equipped with a complete range of accessories including various pelletizers and metering systems for raw materials that offer better small-scale compounding functions. The kneader can be applied for product development trials, producing sample quantities of customers choice and small-batch production of cable compounds.

The kneader can be applied for cable compounds including halogen-free, flame-retardant (HFFR) cable compounds, silane-crosslinkable cable compounds. peroxide-crosslinking polyethylene (XLPE) compounds used for insulating cables and semiconductive polyolefin compounds.


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