Hellas Launches Proline Seaming System for Green Initiatives

Hellas Sports Construction has launched an advanced Proline seaming system. Proline is a non-carcinogenic, eco-friendly synthetic turf adhesive, which does not have isocynanate or solvents, and has volatile organic compounds (VOC) of less than 2%.

Proline T44 and seam strip

Akzo Nobel, a manufacturer of adhesives, developed this Proline seaming system, which is a built-in installation method. The Proline T44 elastic adhesive has been included in this system. The Proline system has been specifically designed together with Hellas’ custom manufactured seaming device in order to provide consistent and durable seams for the complete turf product range.

Solvents and Isocyanates are present in today’s artificial grass adhesives available on the market, wherein users are not aware of the health problems. Lasse Holm, Akzo Nobel Bygglim’s Manager, stated that isocyanates may be harmful when inhaled and can irritate the eyes, skin and respiratory system. Hellas has adopted Proline in order to save environment and workers, Lasse added.

Proline has more environmental and quality benefits and is a one-component adhesive that avoids on-site mixing of components. Therefore, a flexible product is obtained from Hellas projects, which will be more effective than other adhesives. Moisture does not affect this Proline and hence, this adhesive can be applied in both summer and winter.

The Proline T44 is one of the adhesives added to the company’s product line that provides green initiatives such as polyurethane backing, turf fibers, and rubber infill. The new product practice is being implemented immediately by the company for its existing and new customers.

Source: http://www.hellasconstruction.com/


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