Canadian Industrial Pump Manufacturer Inks Supply Contract for MesoCoat’s Nanocomposites

A major Canadian manufacturer and distributor of industrial pumps has signed a supply deal to procure PComP nanocomposite coating materials of MesoCoat, a majority owned subsidiary of Abakan.

This supply deal is a testament to the value of the PComP portfolio of nanocomposite coating materials in the market for tungsten carbide thermal spray powder coatings in North America. The PComP nanocomposite thermal spray powders deliver superior hardness and toughness due to a novel patented coating microstructure that integrates a ductile metal’s high hardness zones in an improved geometry.

In nitride based powders of the PComP family, the binders deliver enhanced deposition efficiency, resiliency, ductility, toughness and corrosion resistance, while the nanocomposite core deliver light weight, low friction and high wear resistance. These nitride powders have low density and their weight is 60% lower than that of carbide coatings. They demonstrate 3-7X lower corrosion and wear rates, offer 2X more spray cell productivity, and grind more easily than commercial carbide coatings.

The PComPs based on tungsten carbide use the same binder architecture and patented core structure to manufacture coatings with higher spallation resistance and more than 2X higher abrasion and wear resistance when compared to traditional tungsten carbide coatings. These coatings also have better resiliency, ductility, toughness, and corrosion resistance.

The PComP portfolio of coating materials can be used as drop-in substitutes for thermal spray powders without altering thermal spray equipment. Abakan’s Chief Executive Officer, Robert Miller stated that MesoCoat secured this supply deal following the successful completion of extensive field tests and qualification that verified the superior properties of the tungsten carbide-based PComP nanocomposite cermet materials.

MesoCoat’s Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Sherman commented that the company uses an innovative method to produce the PComP materials that enables it to produce hard and robust coatings . Sherman believes that there is a huge market opportunity for these materials.


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