3M Launches New Adjustable Composite Positioning System 11095

3M has reported the release of a new adjustable composite positioning system (ACPS) 11095. ACPS is a positioning spray specifically designed for use in composite matrices and pre-infusion resin bond dry reinforcements, and can be used easily.

ACPS’ unique properties have enabled its incorporation to the component during resin infusion, thus removing transition and read-through layers in the part post-cure. Esthetics, productivity and flexibility are offered to the manufacturers through this system.

The formulation of the ACPS 11095 matches well with a majority of resin systems, which include epoxy resins, polyester and vinyl ester. It can be conveniently coated on both curved and flat molded designs and when this is sprayed, tack is built by the product in seconds and the tack is released in two to three minutes. The product is designed with an exclusive color change system, which when sprayed initially offers a blue color and then starts fading as it cure. This feature enables the users to easily view the achieved coverage area, and the users have a visual signal of the curing cycle. Humidity or ambient temperature does not affect this ACPS 11095, which can be used during various manufacturing conditions.

Substrates are allowed to reposition easily through the easy-to-use features of ACPS 11095 without leaving any fibers. An extra coating is applied, when it gets dried prior to laying up of materials. The coating applied formerly is reactivated by this additional coating.

3M’s new composite system has the potential to maintain the reinforcement position without sagging for many days and to contain most of the reinforcement types. Laminate shear properties are not changed in this system. The product is available in aerosol cans and 5-gallon and 55-gallon containers and can be used for cleaning purposes together with most solvents. DNV and Lloyd’s Register have approved this ACPS 11095.

Source: http://www.3m.com/


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