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INVISTA Introduces New Technology to Produce Adiponitrile

INVISTA, a producer of nylon polymer, has unveiled a new technology for producing adiponitrile, which is the main ingredient for nylon 6,6. The company has finally developed this new technology after spending over $40 million in R&D, which was carried out in two continents for four years.

The new ADN technology includes the advantages such as minimized consumption of energy, enhanced product yields, low emissions of carbon dioxide, improvement in process stability and reduction in capital intensity, when compared to previous technologies. Benzene is considerably eliminated from the production process with this new technology.

According to Bill Greenfield, Executive VP of the company’s nylon intermediates business, INVISTA has considered that this new ADN technology has shown significant progress, when compared to the company’s owned technology operating nowadays.

This new technology has been operated by the company for over two years at a pilot-scale plant, located at the R&D center in Texas. The company is planning to deploy this technology, which may be installed at its previous plants in Victoria and Orange, Texas. INVISTA is already constructing a facility in China.

Greenfield stated that this new technology can be readily deployed at a commercial scale. The company is aggressively working for over one year for primarily implementing this new ADN technology, he added.

These ADN production technologies, based on butadiene, are believed to be one of the most cost-efficient and effective processes for producing adiponitrile. Therefore, the company’s technologies are deployed at over 75% of the previous ADN capacity in the globe.


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