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Nalco Purchase Altech Metal Skimming System

Altech is pleased to announce the receipt of an order from Nalco / National Aluminium Company Limited of Bhubaneswar, India for an Altech Metal Skimming System.

The Altech Metal Skimming System is fully automated equipment designed to skim dross from crucibles containing untreated molten aluminium. The crucible is positioned in the Metal Skimming Station and the skimming device is lowered into the crucible, performing a rotating skimming operation and returning to the start position with the dross. The skimming device is then lowered over the dross collector, and the dross is released. The skimming device consists of two main parts, a fixed plate and a rotating plate. Both plates are perforated to allow melted aluminium to escape the skimming device.

To ensure safe and pollution-free operation the Metal Skimming Station is equipped with a dust cover connected to a dust extraction system. During skimming the cover closes the crucible, preventing dust generated during skimming from entering the surrounding area.

Four Altech Metal Skimming Stations have been successfully operating at ALCAN Icelandic Aluminium (ISAL) since 1997.

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