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Simulations Reveal Scaling-Up Behavior of Polymers

Researcher Nava Schulmann and his colleagues from the Strasbourg University in France have used simulation to study thin films of polymers to their extreme limits. In order to obtain information on the heat and mechanical energy exchange between the links of the polymer, the researchers employed an established simulation model.

The conventional simulation model that is capable of efficiently computing dense polymer systems comprising large chains helped the researchers to determine that compatibility of polymer blends contained within two dimensional ultra thin films is enhanced.

The focus of the study was on generating simulations of polymer chains that are not only greatly flexible but are self avoiding and are without chain intersections. In order to achieve this, the researchers modified the polymer density levels and the length of their chains. The researchers then adopted numerical techniques to deduce a universal perspective for polymer behavior.

With the help of Monte Carlo simulation technique and molecular dynamics, the researchers were able to determine that the polymers exhibit a scaling behavior that is in line with a power law as a function of polymer chain length and power density. As an illustration, the scaling behavior could be applicable to polymer pressure and thereby be applicable to compressibility of the polymer. This behavior was already predicted by Pierre-Giles de Gennes, the French Nobel prize winner in his study labeled the blob-picture approach. A polymer chain can thus be compared to beads in a necklace where they are like a series of blobs. The researchers adopted an application relevant regime known as a semi-dilute regime. In this regime, when the initial size of the blob is well defined, the scaling is universal.



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