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Stimir has Commissioned an Automatic Anode Stub Protection System for Soer-Norge Aluminium

Stimir of Iceland has commissioned an automatic anode stub protection system for Soer-Norge Aluminium of Norway.

This contract is the third in the past six months for Stimir’s collar mounting and collar filling technology and follows orders from Nordural, Iceland and Alcan Steg, Switzerland.

Stímir's collar forming machine is a fully automated collar forming and locking system. With a small footprint and fast throughput the machine readily fits into existing rodding plants. The machine can handle both card and aluminium, which is loaded as a coil and automatically fed, cut to length, formed into a collar around the rod stub and securely closed with a punched locking imprint

The collar filling machine from Stimir uses a novel technology to accurately measure and dispense carbon paste into the card or alu-coil collars, fully automating this task. Prior to filling, the collars are automatically centered. The dispensing system ensures accurate and even distribution of the carbon paste, providing a virtually dust-free operation without spillage. This precision machine produces uniformly shaped and centered carbon collars.

Together, the Stimir Collar Forming Machine and Collar Filling Machine comprise an integrated Stub Protection System facilitating maximum anode shift life without unwanted anode stub erosion.

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