CERAM Build First Acoustic Testing Wall

The clay brick industry have through the Brick Development Association commissioned CERAM is essentially a cavity wall with both exposed faces in facing brickwork to form a feature in both dwellings. The wall contains no wall ties as they encourage sound transmission. Instead, the cavity is filled with masonry mortar as the wall is built.

Essentially the wall relies on its mass to provide the acoustic isolation; a concept used for years in sound studios. The wall has been built in the large aperture between the emitting and receiving rooms of the new acoustic facility at CERAM explained: “This is a fairly simple idea which utilises one of the basic properties of clay brickwork, its density. This will give good acoustic isolation and at the same time an attractive appearance and excellent fire resistance. There should also be benefits from the thermal mass in reducing fluctuations in internal temperature and hence improving personal comfort”.

The acoustic facility is available for commercial use from CERAM Building Technology, part of Posted August 4th, 2005

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