New Report on Electroactive Polymer Materials Market

Notwithstanding decades of RnD and first applications, the electroactive polymer (EAP) market hasn’t reached maturity yet. There is a range of characteristics, such as performance and long-term stability which require further development and improvement for these polymers to be able to meet the requirements of each application.

Meantime, the large-scale touch-screen market penetration will ultimately lift the technology up to the next level. The penetration of the haptic technology for consumer electronics touch display market is forecast to exceed 60% by end-2018. This success will contribute more than 40% to the anticipated overall revenue in five years’ time. Energy harvesting from see waves, medical applications (both invasive and non-invasive), large-area sensors, speakers etc. are among the applications with great potential over the forecast period.

In-demand report “Electroactive Polymers and Devices 2013-2018: Forecasts, Technologies, Players” prepared by IDTechEx gives an up-close look at the market for electroactive polymers.

The study covers the wide scope of EAP materials and form factors available, from thin films to different shapes and sizes. It provides forecasts for electroactive polymer (EAP) devices for the application segments – consumer electronics, actuators, energy harvesting, sensors, sensors (large scale), medical, and others; for each application, the report gives the number of EAP devices units forecast to be purchased, and the total spend. Furthermore, 8 extensive interviews with the global market leaders, and 19 more company and supplier profiles are on hand in the study as well.

Suppliers and companies profiled include: Airmar Technology, Biomimetics Laboratory, CFS Medical, Creganna, CTSystems, Dow Corning, EAMEX Corporation, EMPA, Environmental Robots Inc (ERI), ITRI, MCNC, Meggitt Sensing Systems, Philips Research, pmTUC - Institute of Print and Media Technology at Chemnitz University of Technology, Raytheon, SBM Offshore, Santa Fe Science and Technology, TEEC, and University of Tokyo.

Report Details:

Title: Electroactive Polymers and Devices 2013-2018: Forecasts, Technologies, Players

Published: March, 2013

Pages: 101

Price: US$ 3,495.00


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