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New Laser Processing Products from Jenoptik Presented at LASER World of PHOTONICS

The Lasers & Materials Processing division of Jenoptik presents its products for laser material processing at the LASER World of PHOTONICS, booth C1.320 on the Messe München exhibition grounds between May 13 and 16, 2013.

The exhibited products of the Laser & Material Processing division include the new semiconductor lasers with further improved efficiency and a new fiber-coupled diode laser module. In addition, new applications for the JenLas® D2.fs femtosecond laser and the JenLas® disk IR70E disk laser will be on display.

New semiconductor lasers

The new semiconductor lasers from Jenoptik are perfect pumping sources for fiber lasers and disk lasers. With high efficiencies of over 70 percent and very low beam divergence they combine high output and high brilliance with long lifetime and low costs.

Bars & Single Emitters
More efficient laser material processing with new single emitters and laser bars from Jenoptik.

The 9xx nanometer single emitters with 90 micrometer aperture come with 12 Watt output power. Their efficiency at this output power and installation on a passive heat sink is 64 percent. The maximum efficiency that can be attained is 74 percent.

The 9xx nanometer minibars are perfect beam sources: they combine the high brilliance of the single emitters with the low installation costs of the bars. With a maximum output power of 55 Watts and installation on a passive heat sink, they obtain 69 percent efficiency. The improvement of the efficiency is particularly striking in the case of full bars for 976 nanometers and a 20 percent filling factor. With 80 Watt output power these bars provide an efficiency of 66 percent.

The bars for 938 nanometer wavelength and 50 percent filling factor have been improved for the optical pumping of disk lasers. Their efficiency is 64 percent when installed on a passive heat sink and with 200 Watt output power.

All semiconductor lasers from Jenoptik are subject to stringent in-process controls and comply with all requirements of highest quality, reliability and lifetime.

New fiber-coupled diode laser module for material processing

On a display at the LASER in Munich is Jenoptik’s new semi-bar-based fiber-coupled diode laser module. With this module, providing 200 Watt output power from a 200 micrometer fiber with NA 0.2 the Lasers & Materials Processing division extends its product portfolio of high-brilliance fiber-coupled OEM modules.

The module is equipped with a pilot laser and internal output monitoring. With an industry-type housing and a plug-in high-power fiber, the 200 Watt module is ideal for direct material processing such as hardening of functional surfaces or for plastics welding. High brightness and excellent lifetime make this module an outstanding pump source.

Femtosecond laser for medical device production

The application of ultra-short pulse technology in the production of medical devices equipment generates advantages that permit new processing methods for complex, delicate patterns in available and also in new, more heat sensitive materials. These positive effects include less damage due to the heat such as, for example, melting damage, and a minimum heat-affected zone.

diode-pumped femtosecond laser JenLas® D2.fs
JenLas® D2.fs – a femtosecond laser for the industrial production of medical components.

The focus in the production of stents, in addition to the conventional processing of shape memory alloys, is primarily on processing of the bioresorbable polymers – such as polyactides (PLA) – of less than 300 micrometer diameter and maximum 100 micrometer wall thickness. The JenLas® D2.fs femtosecond laser generates smallest cutting grooves of approximately 10 micrometers. Defined material ablation and no damage through the heat treatment makes processing safer.

Diode-pumped single mode disk laser for processing reinforced plastics

The JenLas® disk IR70E is a diode-pumped single-mode disk laser. Due to the high pulse energy and the short pulse duration this laser is very good for processing carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP). The JenLas® disk IR70E has a number of advantages over other laser types such as fiber, lamp-pumped or CO2 lasers. Outstanding features include the excellent beam quality in connection with a very high pulse peak power.

infrared disk laser JenLas® IR50E / IR70E
Processing of carbon fiber reinforced plastics with the JenLas® disk IR70E

When CFRP is processed by the JenLas® disk IR70E, the heat affected area remains very small making this disk laser an outstanding tool for functional and optical surfaces. The laser can cut, drill and 3D-ablate CFRP material, because ablation layer by layer can be generated. Besides, the application of the laser neither causes delamination nor foaming of plastics, or discoloration of the drill hole or of the cutting edge area. Very good results are obtained, in particular, with thermosetting CFRP materials.

Processing CFRP by laser still has high development potential in many respects – driven primarily by the quest for higher efficiency in the mobility sector, such as in the aviation industry and in the automotive sector. The demand for CFRP materials is growing rapidly. Laser processing by JenLas® disk IR70E is a building block that efficiently closes a process gap.


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