Indium Corporation Research Metallurgist to Present at Materials Science and Technology Conference

Indium Corporation's Dr. HongWen Zhang, Research Metallurgist, will present at the Materials Science and Technology Conference October 27-31 in Montreal, Canada.

Dr. Zhang's presentation, Reliability and Corrosion Resistance of Lead-Free BiAgX™ Pastes for High-Temperature Die Attach Applications, explains the research involved in identifying lead-free alternatives for high-melting, high lead-containing solder alloys. The presentation discusses a novel high-melting, lead-free, BiAgX™ mixed solder paste system, and compares its performance to several high lead-containing solder alloys.

Dr. Zhang is a Research Metallurgist for Indium Corporation's research and development department. His focus is on the development of lead-free solder materials for high temperature and/or high fatigue resistance applications, and the investigation of associated technologies. He and Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee invented the mixed powder solder technique in which minor additives are used to improve the wetting and modify the bonding interface, thus increasing the bonding strength. On the basis of this technique, the BiAgX™ solder system was invented as an alternative high-temperature lead-free solder.

Dr. HongWen Zhang has a bachelor's degree in Metallurgical Physical Chemistry from the Central South University of China, a master's degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the Institute of Metal Research at the Chinese Academy of Science, a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University, and a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Michigan Technological University.

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