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IDA World Congress 2013: BASF to Highlight Innovative Water Solutions for the Desalination Industry

At booth A77/78, BASF is presenting its comprehensive range of innovative water solutions dedicated to the desalination industry at the World Congress of the International Desalination Association (IDA) being held in Tianjin, China, from October 20 to 25, 2013.

One highlight is the new T-Rack® 3.0 based on inge® ultrafiltration membrane technology for seawater desalination pretreatment. BASF also unveils the next generation of the Sokalan® RO-Xpert software with its feature of precisely predicting scale inhibition capabilities of BASF’s environmentally beneficial Sokalan® RO antiscalants.

“We are proud to present to the IDA World Congress participants BASF’s unique water solutions for the various desalination processes including coagulants, ultrafiltration membranes, antiscalants, chlorine scavengers, and surfactants to ensure that desalination plants operate efficiently and effectively.” said Matthias Halusa, Vice President of BASF’s Water Solutions business.

The T-Rack® 3.0 is a compact ultrafiltration solution to address the specific requirements of larger-scale filtration systems such as those used for the pretreatment of seawater for desalination or for treatment of wastewater for reuse. The module meets the key requirements of corrosion resistance, pressure operability at high temperatures and also supports greater treatment capacity. In addition, the T-Rack’s plug and play installation lowers the amount of maintenance required and its modular design makes it is easy to add more modules to address changing capacity needs.

BASF’s Sokalan® RO range of high-performance membrane antiscalants has been developed focusing on environmental compatibility while considering specific customer requirements that allow operation of RO desalination plants more effectively. Sokalan® RO antiscalants allow for a high performance chemical pretreatment that controls the scaling and fouling of inorganic salts, metal hydroxides, and colloids in RO feed water. The unique performance results in a more complete control of system feed water chemistry, reducing membrane fouling and minimizing cleaning requirements.

The next generation of the Sokalan® RO-Xpert software is designed to recommend the most suitable and efficient Sokalan® RO antiscalant for a reverse osmosis system. The software takes into consideration the feed water analysis as well as the plant process parameters and calculates the scaling and fouling potential as well as the required dose rate to control the process.

For thermal desalination the antiscalant Sokalan® PM 15 I sets an industry benchmark and is approved for use in major Multiple Effect Distillation (MED) and Multistage Flash (MSF) thermal seawater desalination plants world-wide. Sokalan® AF is a pure organic antifoam that provides excellent foam control for thermal desalination processes at low dosage rates. A further advantage is its high biodegradability compared with silicone-based antiscalants.

The following technical presentations highlight water solutions from BASF during the IDA World Congress 2013:

  • Controlling silica in water treatment applications (TIAN13-103)
  • Effects of tube material on scale formation and control in multiple effect distillers (TIAN13-119)
  • Application and operation of Multibore® UF membranes in a seawater desalination project for power plant in China (TIAN13-055)

About BASF Water, Oilfield and Mining Solutions

BASF offers a wide range of solutions and products for the water, oilfield and mining industry. The product range of global water solutions includes products used in the key processes of industrial and municipal water treatment. The business is a leading supplier of products to clarify the raw water used for the production of drinking water, to treat the waste water stream and industrial process water, to protect desalination plants, cooling towers and boilers. We are the leading provider of inge® ultrafiltration membrane technology. Within our global oilfield solutions business, we help the oilfield service industry make efficient formulations. Our portfolio comprises products for the drilling and completion of oil wells as well as chemicals for continuous and cost efficient production of valuable oil and gas resources. We develop next generation of surfactants and polymers designed to support enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations by means of chemical injection. Global mining solutions offer an extensive range of mineral processing reagents. Our strengths are in solid/liquid separation and solvent extraction; we also offer reagents for flotation, dispersing, agglomerating and others. Further information can be found at:


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