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U.S. Water's pHytOUT Technology for Ethanol Production Obtains Third US Patent

U.S. Water announces the issuance of its third United States patent - covering the use of pHytOUT® - in ethanol production.

A common problem for ethanol producers is the formation of scale forming deposits in ethanol processing equipment. These deposits impede heat transfer and flow and compromise the proper operation of mechanical devices used in ethanol processing. U.S. Water's pHytOUT® technology was designed to control mineral deposit scaling, reducing back-end fouling and greatly reduce sulfuric acid use - among other benefits.

"The technology described in our three patents, 8,039,244, 8,415,137 and 8,609,399, allows ethanol distillation at a higher pH and reduces the need for sulfuric acid. This improves ethanol quality, reduces acid costs and enhances plant safety," says Allan Bly, U.S. Water's CEO. In addition to being safe for animal feed, pHytOUT® deposit control technology has the added benefit of providing cleaner heat transfer surfaces and extending the time between required cleaning and lowering energy demand.

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