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ECS Unveils In-Line Corrosion Detector for Fire Sprinkler Systems

Engineered Corrosion Solutions, LLC (ECS) the preeminent provider of corrosion management products and services for fire sprinkler systems is proud to introduce the patent pending ECS In-Line Corrosion Detector (ILD) for in-situ corrosion monitoring in wet, dry, and preaction fire sprinkler systems.

Until now the most common approach to fire sprinkler corrosion monitoring involved using corrosion coupons installed in a riser-mounted chamber. This approach is subject to several fundamental technical limitations, the most significant of which is that it does not provide an accurate representation of real time corrosion activity inside the sprinkler system. Corrosion is a very localized phenomenon that is dependent on conditions where metal is actively corroding. The coupon approach is simply not representative of the corrosion taking place in the system.

"The ECS In-Line Corrosion Detector represents the best, most accurate option to provide fire sprinkler system corrosion data to building owner/operators and we are very excited to introduce this new product to the fire sprinkler industry," said Jeff Kochelek, CEO of Engineered Corrosion Solutions. "The device is installed where corrosion is most likely to occur and provides a real time early warning signal of an impending failure. The most significant feature of the new corrosion monitor is in its simplicity. For the fire sprinkler contractor it's as easy as installing a pipe spool. "

The ECS In-Line Corrosion Detector is exposed to the same environment as the actual sprinkler system piping, which includes several factors that directly impact corrosion rates such as trapped air in wet systems, trapped water in dry systems, temperature and solids accumulation. The ability of the ECS In-Line Corrosion Detector to monitor corrosion in-situ is the result of a unique design that is fully compatible with fire sprinkler system components and does not impact system operation.

According to Adam Hilton, Product Engineering Manager at ECS, "we designed the ECS In-Line Corrosion Detector to provide a 360 degree surface area to monitor corrosion so it's highly effective in any type of sprinkler system. The In-Line Detector can be installed on mains or branch lines and is available in several different configurations to match the system pipe material, schedule and diameter. The output signal can be monitored by the fire alarm panel as a supervisory signal."


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