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G-Heat Receives Investment from Cientifica PLC for Development of Graphene Based Heating

G-Heat Ltd, the Yorkshire based developer of graphene-based heating products, announces that it has received a significant investment from AIM-listed Cientifica PLC (CTFA).

G-Heat’s proprietary graphene based technology allows the production of heaters that use up to 70% less energy than conventional systems whilst maintaining the same comfort levels. It therefore promises to change the electrical heating market, both commercial and domestic, in the same way that the introduction of LEDs revolutionised lighting.

G-Heat’s patent-pending Graphene Thin Film Comfort Heating takes heating into the networked 21st century. Its instant on and off capability means that it is ideally suited to and fully compatible with all current smart thermostats. The G-Heat systems can also be easily integrated with home automation API’s such has Apple’s HomeKit and Google’s NEST, which have already been adopted by companies such as; Mercedes-Benz, Jawbone, Logitech, Whirlpool and IFTTT.

Laboratory tests have shown the heaters to be equally efficient whether running on mains electricity or DC from a solar panel. The solid-state heaters remove the need for conventional boilers and plumbing and can be supplied in a wide range of sizes.

G-Heat is a result of over two years of research into infrared and radiant heating by initially the Kirkstyles Innovations Group and latterly by the company itself. G-Heat and its development partners have perfected a cost effective method of reliably depositing graphene in a way that optimises the output of heat for domestic and commercial heating applications.

Pre-production prototypes are currently being demonstrated to potential customers and partners.

G-Heat Technical Director Martin Benson commented:

“As most home heating systems are fundamentally unchanged since Victorian times, adding a smart thermostat is like putting a digital speedometer on a steam engine. Homes and offices need smart heating such as G-Heat, which can provide instant heat.”

Managing Director Craig Clement explained:

“Our materials are carefully selected to be both efficient and easily recyclable, allowing homes and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and their energy bills. We already have significant interest from a number of major players in the commercial heating space which we fully expect to convert into sales.”

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