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Pittcon 2015: Xylem’s YSI Makes a Push for pH at Pittcon® 2015 Leverages DO Expertise to Bring pH into the Lab Environment

YSI, a Xylem brand, will showcase a strong set of solutions for measuring pH in the lab. Included in the product mix will be their IoLine® and ScienceLine pH electrodes, their TruLine® pH and Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE) electrodes, as well as their broad range of laboratory benchtop instrumentation for these electrodes, including the YSI TruLab and MultiLab configurations.

YSI brand will be exhibiting in booth 3417/3517 at Pittcon 2015, March 9-12, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

YSI has a long history of providing both field and lab instruments that measure a wide range of parameters. Their DO sensors have long been a staple in most water and wastewater labs, as part of daily testing to measure the effectiveness of the treatment processes and for permit compliance reporting.

YSI is now leveraging their lab expertise and raising it to a whole new level, with a new focus on the opportunities that pH and ISE measurement brings, and a reinvestment in the products that can make it happen.

One of the newer pH electrodes from YSI is their IoLine electrodes, with a unique iodine/iodide reference system with a patented three-chamber reservoir system. IoLine electrodes offer unbeatable stability, fast response times, and high accuracy at a higher speed compared to traditional Ag/AgCI reference systems. It is a 100 percent metal ion-free reference system, ideal for Tris buffer solutions in complex biotech applications, or precision processes within immunoassay production.

In addition to the unique IoLine electrodes, YSI offers a wide range of TruLine and ScienceLine pH and mV electrodes. TruLine electrodes are compact in design, available as glass or plastic probe bodies, and can be ordered with or without temperature and with a refillable option. The TruLine electrodes are proven, highly versatile laboratory electrodes for the most demanding measurements. The ScienceLine electrodes include the temperature sensor and can be ordered with a platinum or ground junction.

Equally versatile with a broad range of applications is the YSI TruLine ISE electrodes, offering 15 electrodes for 16 different parameters. All YSI ISEs are refillable and include a double-junction reference, increasing response time. Each electrode comes supplied with reference fill solution, ionic strength adjustor (ISA) and a bottle of calibration standard.

Rounding out the YSI pH solutions for the lab are the TruLab and MultiLab meters, a complete line of easy-to-use benchtop lab instruments ideal for routine and precise measurements of pH, ISEs and other parameters. Backed by a 3-year warranty with easy-to-use, menu-driven operation, the TruLab and MultiLab come in a range of offerings including single, dual, or triple channels.

The MultiLab meters are also available with Intelligent Digital Sensor (IDS) technology (sensors are auto recognized by the instrument, no need for setup or configuration, and store their own calibration), with internal memory and optional built-in printer.

Our pH offering for the lab environment is a terrific extension of our existing lab capabilities,” says Tim Grooms, Director of Marketing for YSI. “Given the broad range of applications, the variety of solutions, and the diverse industries that our probes and meters address, our lab products portfolio is now stronger than ever. We’re committed to providing our customers with the dependable data they’ve come to expect from YSI, with a breadth of pH capabilities across multiple industries, with the ability to conduct easy, fast, and highly repeatable measurements. All of this at a very competitive price point.

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