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Medtec 2015: ROFIN to Highlight New Laser Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturing

ROFIN, worldwide leading solution provider for all aspects of laser material processing in medical device manufacturing, showcases new laser solutions at the Medtec 2015: The most compact tube processing system StarCut Tube SL, the newly developed ultrashort pulse laser source StarFemto and the flexible laser welding system Performance Open.

StarCut Tube SL – the new ultra-compact tube cutting system for maximum productivity

StarCut Tube SL - new ultra-compact tube cutting system for maximum productivity

With its rigid mineral casted base, weight-reduced motion axes and a highly dynamic motion control system, the new StarCut Tube SL doubles productivity. The new member of the 5th generation StarCut Tube family is designed for dry as well as wet cutting. An integrated circulating pump and filter unit and the entirely separated motion system safeguard reliable operation even during 24/7 production. With dimensions of only 1340 mm width x 700 mm length (a euro-pallet measures 1200mm x 800 mm), including all components and ancillary parts, the StarCut Tube SL sets the new standard for space optimization. The system can be placed directly against the wall or another system, as production and maintenance require access from only three sides. This saves a considerable amount of costly production floorspace. The diagonally opening door provides ergonomic access to a spacious working chamber. On request, the StarCut Tube can easily be supplied with an automatic tube loader, customer-tailored automatic part removal or sorting stations. The new Human Machine Interface (HMI) Pro integrates all user interfaces required during normal operation on a single screen. It can be operated through a keyboard / touchpad as well as a touchscreen. All relevant data for process validation (e.g. laser parameters, assist gas, user input etc.) can be logged individually.

Unlike other manufacturers, ROFIN offers machine construction, laser source and cutting optics, user interface and process control from a single source.

StarFemto - new industrial femtosecond laser source

ROFIN’s Hybrid Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) design combines the robustness, high repetition rate and beam quality of fiber lasers with the power scalability of rod lasers. The StarFemto offers 700 - 800 fs pulses at an average power of 20 W and with repetition rates of up to 2 MHz. Within the entire pulse repetition range the selection of single pulses (Pulse-on-Demand) is possible. The advanced Hybrid MOPA design is the basis for ROFIN’s new StarFemto, which has been developed and is manufactured in Germany. The unique, patent protected Burst Mode helps to achieve even higher ablation rates and better surface quality. It enables fast cutting of brittle materials with SmartCleave™ FI technology. With its robust laser head, machined out of a single block of aluminum and measuring only 670 x 360 x 212 mm³ the StarFemto is one of the most compact femtosecond lasers for material processing available on the market.

ROFIN offers several integration packages for cutting, drilling, ablating, surface engraving and marking applications. The laser maker combines superior technological expertise with global on-site support and service, providing remote support as well as preventive maintenance.

Performance Open - finest welding on long and bulky pieces

Showcased at the ROFIN booth as well: The Performance Open, an open laser class IV system for finest welding on long and bulky workpieces. Based on the same technology as the market-leading manual laser welding system Performance, the Open offers the same level of flexibility and power combined with maximum user-friendliness. Due to its design as an open workplace with a height adjustable table even long pieces like endoscopes can be processed comfortably.

For the Performance Open ROFIN offers a special promotion at the Medtec. Each system ordered will be equipped with SweetSpot, MicroWeld and LED ring light without a surcharge

Desktop laser marker EasyMark

EasyMark‘s modular concept realizes a huge working area within an extremely compact housing. The system can be optionally equipped with a rotation axis, various optics and external or through-the-lens camera solution. It accommodates completely air-cooled laser sources with power ranging from 10 to 50 W. The system can be optionally equipped with an integrated, full-fledged CAD suite.

For the EasyMark ROFIN offers a special promotion at Medtec as well. Systems ordered at the fair will feature the automated lifting door as well as a warranty extension without any surcharge.

CombiLine Basic – Laser marking more affordable than ever

ROFIN expands its range of compact, all-in-one laser marking solutions. The CombiLine Basic RT is the new entry-level, rotary indexing table workstation.

Cost-efficient rotary table system

Some time ago, ROFIN introduced the CombiLine Basic as a compact and cost-effective laser marking solution for medium to large lot sizes. The CombiLine Basic RT follows the same concept and combines it with a fast rotary indexing table. The rotary table simplifies and streamlines part placement and removal as it obviates safety light barriers and the need for two-hand operating. The entire part processing time can be used for removing and placing parts on the other half of the table. The required compressed-air supply has been integrated into the system.

Flexible setup, comfortable operation

The choice among various ROFIN laser sources for marking and micro material processing, such as end-pumped aircooled and fiber lasers, helps to find the optimum setup for a wide range of applications. The CombiLine Basic RT features a large observation window and a 15" touchscreen for comfortable operation and setup.

The system is equipped with a motorized z-axis and prepared for attaching exhaust gas equipment. It features enhancements such as a bright workplace illumination and wheels for easy relocation.

The ROFIN advantage - process know-how, laser technology and machine construction from a single source

ROFIN is one of the few globally operating manufacturers, who combines all relevant areas of competence under one roof. This offers substantial benefits regarding system fine-tuning and minimum downtime during maintenance. For evaluation and application development all systems are on standby in ROFIN comprehensively equipped application lab. This is how excellent laser systems turn into market-leading laser solutions for medical device manufacturing.


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