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A Directa Plus Graphene-Based Product was Honored with the IDTechEX Commercialisation Award in Berlin This Week

Rudie Campagne (left), President and Founder of Vittoria Industries Ltd, and Giulio Ceserano (right), President and CEO of Directa Plus, together hold the revolutionary tyre powered by G+ Technology at Graphene & 2D Materials Europe, Berlin.

Vittoria Industries Ltd. won the award for bicycle wheels and tyres with Graphene G+, produced by Directa Plus.

Wheels and tyres containing Graphene are ready to enter the market and reach end users. This IDTechEx award is given annually to a commercially successful end product that impacts the marketplace with its technology and society at large. Vittoria is one of the first industrial partners for Directa Plus able to produce such a remarkable innovation in its market, with a graphene-based product.

Vittoria and Directa Plus have been working together with a strong synergy to develop two different products based on pristine graphene nanoplatelets, powered by G+ Technology: from its market entry in cycling wheels in 2014 to the upcoming introduction of a new generation of tyre, Vittoria is leading the revolution that will change the cycling industry.

Tyres benefit from introduction of Graphene G+, thanks to its special properties and characteristics, higher thermal dissipation, reduced weight and higher puncture resistance, imrproved rolling resistance and grip.

Directa Plus among 150 exhibitors of IDTechEx trade fair, together with Vittoria, were the most attended speaker in the “Graphene Keynotes” panel in the Graphene & 2D Materials conference, covering the latest technology developments, applications and end user requirements for Graphene, and identification of key growth areas.

During the award one judge commented, “Graphene has attracted widespread interest over recent years and it is great to see an actual product that utilizes the advantageous properties of this exciting material.

Directa Plus is an Italian technological company, founded in 2005 in the USA, which develops processes for the generation of highly engineered GRAPHENE-BASED materials that can enter the existing global markets. The company’s headquarter is located in Italy, inside the Science and Technological Park of ComoNExT.

On 23rd of June 2014 Directa Plus opened  “Le Officine del Grafene – Graphene Factory”, the largest European pristine graphene nanoplatelets industrial production unit, based on a patented and granted technology, and designed with a modular, repeatable and exportable logic in mind. This first industrial production unit has nowadays a production capacity of 30 tons per year. Regarding intellectual property, Directa Plus owns 35 patents granted and 11 patents pending to date.

Further information:

Vittoria Industries Ltd. is an international group, which acquired the famous premium cotton tubular tires producer Vittoria Spa in 1990. Today, Vittoria is the world’s leading manufacturer of bicycle tires with an annual production of approximately 7 million tires and 900.000 high performance tubular and cotton tires.

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