Powder Coating Industries Choose Picosun's ALD Solutions

Picosun Oy, leading supplier of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) thin film coating solutions for industrial manufacturing, reports delivery of multiple powder coating ALD systems to key production customers.

Surface modification of powder materials is a central requirement in various industry segments. Catalysts, novel battery materials, light-emitting phosphors, and medical substances are prime examples where Picosun’s ALD technology enables completely new products or creates unparalleled added value to existing ones.

Picosun’s patented, highly successful POCA™ powder coating product family covers both research and pilot production tools and systems optimized for large scale batch manufacturing, all designed solely based on the requirements of the ALD method. All POCA™ systems can be equipped with Picosun’s innovative Picovibe™ mechanism for optimal formation of highest quality ALD film throughout the batch.

“Staying constantly on the top of current and coming industrial trends is one of the cornerstones of Picosun’s success. Functionalization of powder materials with ALD is one of our key application areas, and the market is huge. We are happy to see that the investment we have placed in development and optimization of our powder processing solutions now pays itself back in the form of repeat sales of our powder coating tools to our key industry customers, realizing their most advanced products in e.g. lighting device and medical industries,” states Juhana Kostamo, Managing Director of Picosun.

About Picosun

Picosun provides the most advanced ALD thin film technology and enables the industrial leap into the future by novel, cutting-edge coating solutions, with four decades of continuous expertise in the field. Today, PICOSUN™ ALD systems are in daily production use in numerous major industries around the world. Picosun is based in Finland, with subsidiaries in North America, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan, and a world-wide sales and support network.


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