Sonobond Ultrasonics Celebrates the Resurgence In U.S. Manufacturing Sector

Sonobond Ultrasonics has been buttressing what some analysts expect will be a resurgence in U.S. manufacturing.

“Our faith in the U.S.A. as a manufacturing base has never wavered,” says Sonobond President Janet Devine.  She adds that despite the domestic manufacturing sector’s recent years of lackluster performance:

“Sonobond has continued to make ultrasonic metal welding machines in the U.S.—and has done so since our inception.  This is especially important to potential buyers concerned about the economic impacts of off-shore production.”

Trends Point to Growth Between 4 and 5 Percent1

Belief in the underlying strength of domestic manufacturing is beginning to re-emerge as 2015 enters its fourth quarter.  Several trends are becoming apparent.  Among them:

  • higher transportation and overseas labor costs are encouraging manufacturers to move production back to the U.S., shortening the supply chain
  • the reduction in energy costs due to the abundance and affordability of natural gas is also encouraging re-shoring, while presenting new opportunities for products and services
  • increased profits are leading companies to boost their investment in capital equipment, especially for devices that operate more efficiently, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

“Our American-based approach to providing and developing equipment has always been consistent with manufacturers’ interest in boosting productivity and efficiency and making wise capital investments,” explains Devine.

In fact, Sonobond has been a worldwide leader in the development of ultrasonic metal welding equipment since it received the first patent ever awarded for ultrasonic metal welding in 1960, when the company was known as Aeroprojects.  It has continued to design innovative equipment with unique capabilities to serve a wide spectrum of industries.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Welding

ONLY Sonobond’s SpliceRite units can ultrasonically splice tinned or oxidized wires up to 60 mm2 as well as bare copper bundles up to 100 mm2 in one quick pulse and without pre-cleaning. These solid-state metallurgical welds meet IPC/WHMA-A-620B specifications for high conductivity and tensile strength. The SpliceRiteTM will be demonstrated at the Assembly Show, October 27-29, in Rosemont, IL – Booth # 1215.

Sonobond’s ultrasonic equipment creates solid-state metallurgical bonds by introducing high-frequency vibration while the weldment is under moderately high clamping force.

Moreover, the company’s exclusive, patented Wedge-Reed System gives Sonobond equipment significant advantages over its competitors. This System combines low vibratory amplitude with high vibratory force and utilizes a shear mode vibration parallel to the welding surface.

This welding method allows welds of thin-to-thin or thin-to-thick materials, including non-ferrous similar and dissimilar metals. It also uniquely permits welds of most oxidized or tinned metals with no special cleaning process. The result is strong, reliable welds with excellent thermal and electrical conductivity.

Ultrasonic Metal Welders for Varied Applications

“Our technology is adaptable and our equipment is engineered to satisfy the needs of manufacturers in a variety of fields, including those requiring customized tooling,” says Devine.  Sonobond units are routinely used to weld stranded wire-to-wire and wire-to-terminal for electrical wire harness and bus bar applications. They can weld multiple layers of thin aluminum, copper and nickel foil to itself or to battery terminals and components of fuses/circuit breakers, ignition modules, and photovoltaic panels.  One version of our equipment can also seal HVAC tubing, replacing crimp and solder methods.

“We continue to be sensitive to manufacturers’ downtime and maintenance concerns by equipping all our welding units with quick-change, tool steel, taper-lock tips that can perform up to 100,000 welds before replacement, and do not require equipment recalibration after replacement,” Devine adds.

Visit Sonobond at the Assembly Show

To view Sonobond equipment and speak to our representatives, see us at The Assembly Show, October 27-29, Rosemont, IL.  We’ll be at Booth #1215.

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