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Fiber Optic Center Announces Release of New Industry Glossary as Latest Technical Resource

Fiber Optic Center, Inc., (FOC), an international leader in distributing fiber optic components, equipment and supplies and recognized as one of the most technically savvy fiber optics companies in the world, announces a new industry glossary as the latest in a series of technical resources rolled out in the past year to better serve FOC customers and industry.                                                                         


Building on the recent resource rollouts of technical articles, blogs, AskFOC, video demos, helpful tips series, monthly e-news subscriptions, live consulting, and partnership with Wayne Kachmar's Technical Horsepower Consulting, the FOC Glossary is added to the website.

The FOC Glossary includes Acronyms and Military Specifications for Connectors in addition to the General Terms and Definition section.  The goal is to make it easier to both reference and understand common industry terms and definitions as well as encourage a dialog with the industry.

Launched containing more than 3,600 entries on fiber, cable, wire, optics, assembly, connectors, electrical, data communications and testing terms as well as the FOC ancillary expert areas of polymers, chemicals, lapping film, adhesives and epoxies, the FOC Glossary also includes an additional 2,000+ FOC Acronym entries and a core 18 MIL-SPEC for Connectors.

FOC plans to expand this latest resource with more standards, processes, edits, and additions that are requested through the email [email protected].

Uniquely positioned to be the "Go-To" resource with decades of global, practical cable assembly production experience by the technical experts who work daily with customers improving their processes, FOC sells and delivers every piece of equipment needed for the automated production of fiber optic cable assemblies, also called patch cords: cable cutting and fiber stripping equipment, metered epoxy dispensing systems and curing ovens, laser cleaving systems, polishing machines and plates, and instruments for all three kinds of testing: interferometer for geometry, microscopes and software for visual inspection, and sources, power meters and switches for insertion loss and back-reflection (bi-directionally if required).  FOC also carries all of the hand tools as well as consumables needed for production and testing: epoxy, polishing films, cleaning supplies and cassettes.

The glossary can be found online at , acronyms at and Military Specifications for Connectors at: .

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