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Hall Effect Cathode Meter

The VHE Cathode Current Meter is a specialised portable ammeter and makes use of the Hall Effect. The instrument is lightweight and easy to operate.

The conductor current is instantaneously displayed on the integral backlit screen. The U-shaped sensor head does not need to go fully around the conductor, making it both easier and quicker to take multiple measurements. A screen icon indicates low power remaining in the standard 9V alkaline dry cell. An over-temperature warning protects against excessively heat.

Every Cathode Current Meter is customised to specific customer requirements – the lance length and angle is configured for easy access, the probe is dimensioned to suit the conductor, and the meter is scaled for the pot current.

VHE also manufactures an Anode Current Meter designed to measure  the current flowing in the anode rods using the volt drop principle. The lightweight instrument instantaneously displays the cathode current on the integral meter.

V VHE of Iceland – established over 40 years ago - is a global leader in the primary aluminium industry. The VHE Group designs and manufactures world-class industrial machinery and supplies goods and site services to clients worldwide.

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